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Hutcheson Medical Center to Become Cornerstone Medical Center

ApolloMD announced that upon completion of the hospital sale, the anticipated new name for Hutcheson Medical Center in Fort Oglethorpe will be Cornerstone Medical Center.

ApolloMD began a management services agreement with the Medical Center with the intent to purchase in December 2015. The company is in the process of purchasing the hospital and is preparing for a closing date in early-May.

“The process of selecting a name was very thoughtful,” said Jessica Tribbett, Senior Vice President of Operations and acting Chief Operating Officer. “After diligent research and name suggestions from the community and employees, Cornerstone Medical Center was presented, and we knew immediately it was the right choice. The name comes from the Cornerstone Club, a group of community laborers who made weekly financial contributions from their individual paychecks to expand the Post Hospital and create the Medical Center we know today. We feel the name honors the dedication of this community and exemplifies a fresh start and new beginning.”

Following finalization of the hospital sale, the facility will begin to transition to the new name on signage, materials and communications.  A grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will be planned in the summer months.

Please stay tuned for the new Cornerstone Medical Center website and information.